Here for the hunt! Some trinkets found at @lucy.verity @kittyverity

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An ode to emeralds on the last day of May!
Emerald on the right is available & from Attos Antique & Estate Jewelry

Don’t miss the upcoming Dupuis Auctioneers Spring Sale! — over 400 lots of incredible jewelry, like this kite-shaped opal pendant! 😍 >>

Just added a bunch of #GemGossipNeckParty photos to my Pinterest page —

When you should be packing for Vegas but you’re cleaning each rock & mineral in your collection... 😩😆🙄

This week is the final week of May Is Gold Month 😩😅
My husband is excited about this week’s trend because he got to be a part of it — GOLD FOR GUYS 📣🤵🏻
He loves stacking karat gold rings on his pinky and ring fingers. He even made a list of rings to look out for in Vegas for him 😆😂
So guys, #showmeyourgold this week—can be anything, doesn’t have to be rings!

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourrings

How many of you are attending a wedding this weekend? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I am and I think NEWTW!ST has some of the BEST engagement rings to choose from! Artists include Rebecca Overmann, Misa Jewelry, Alison Shiboski, Dawes Design, Chinchar Maloney, Todd Reed, and Tura Sugden. 👰🏼👰🏻👰🏿👰🏽👰🏾

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Thank you Loriann Jewelry for this gorgeous pendant from your Fire & Ice Collection 🙏🏼♥️ I wore it last weekend in the mountains ⛰☁️

Photos from Gem Gossip's post

My sister-in-law got married yesterday! Thanks so much King Jewelers - Miami, FL & Nashville, TN for letting her choose “anything she wanted” for her wedding day jewels. We went with a statement diamond bracelet, diamond chandelier earrings and a dainty pearl + diamond drop necklace.

#weddingday #weddingjewelry #diamondjewelry

Stumbled upon these #diamond paintings by Julie Strawinski - Artist Page and thought they would make the perfect post to tell you that amidst some spring cleaning I did last week (while putting off Vegas planning) I found a stack of flashcards I had made for the @giagrams final exam. I turned them into a blog post called “40 Diamond Facts I Learned While Attending the Gemological Institute of America” — 😁💎
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Leopard on leopard.

Our newest #JewelsatmyDoorstep feature is live! Wearing VAHAN Jewelry and loving every piece!

Check out the full story >>

Photos by Swak Photography

Smiling because it’s Friday and there’s a new #JewelsatmyDoorstep feature up on the blog! Wearing VAHAN Jewelry >>

Our newest #JewelsatmyDoorstep feature is live! Wearing VAHAN Jewelry and loving every piece!

Check out the full story >>

This week’s May Is Gold Month karat gold trend is EAR DECOR 👂🏼
Do you realize that I can create this full-ear look with only three actual piercings?! There are so many great karat gold ear cuffs or ear hangers out there—have you tried them yet?!

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourgold

Our May Is Gold Month featured maker this week is Atelier Narce:
▪️He shares with me why he likes working with karat gold:
🗯”I like to work in gold because it enhances the design and the composition of the piece. Gold also lends clarity and radiance to the stones with which I accompany my pieces. On the other hand, the amazing physical properties of gold, such as softness, malleability or its resistance to corrosion, make it relatively easy to work with.”

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourgold

Did you share your karat gold necklace layers with us over on Instagram?!

Check out my favorite looks from my readers by watching the "MIGM" Highlight on my Instagram page >>

Excited to reveal this week's trend with May Is Gold Month

"I am a self-taught artist and designer starting 31 years ago. While living and studying in Florence, I walked in to the jewelry world, literally in to a Florentine goldsmith’s workshop. I started studying the history of jewelry through designing jewelry."

Learn more about Temple St. Clair in our fascinating interview on the blog! >>

Photo via Lunamor Essentials, LLC

Q & A with Temple St. Clair - Gem Gossip - Jewelry Blog

We've got a great exclusive interview up on the blog featuring Temple St. Clair >>

Weekend stack 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The sideways M is from Smoky Mountain Coin & Jewelry — can’t wait to be in the Smoky Mountains this weekend for a very special wedding!

I made this meme yesterday and I’m pretty proud of it.

You will love the latest handcrafted designs from Maejean Vintage >>

Have you ever had trouble finding a band that paired well with your engagement ring?! Maejean Vintage has created a line of SIX bands that will solve this popular debacle! >>

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Our May Is Gold Month featured maker this week is Soulbound
▪️She shares with me how karat gold is important in her work:
🗯 “All of my jewelry designs are inspired by video games, so I always try to maintain a feeling of magic and fantasy. I want my customers to feel regal when they wear my jewelry, so gold is the perfect choice. Gold is rare, beautiful, and has been used in jewelry since ancient times.”

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourgold

Ever since the #MetGala I’ve been craving some gorgeous crosses. These from A La Vieille Russie are everything and more! 🙏🏼 #HeavenlyBodies

Something you can find at Queen May -- SNAKE JEWELRY! I'm wearing a slew of snakes, all available from Queen May Jewelry >>

Attention Designers: don't miss your chance to enter THE competition for emerging jewelry designers created by Ylang 23

Deadline is MIDNIGHT tonight -- so start your application STRAIGHT AWAY >>

I’ve been on Instagram for over six years and I’m still discovering new designers & stores, like this store — Meeka Fine Jewelry in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg). I just watched their video posted on their website—love the story and hope to visit someday when I go to my Gram’s house.

A new week, a new karat gold trend with May Is Gold Month 💫
This week we are talking about NECK JAZZ, a category I’ve been working on lately as I’ve realized layering necklaces is a specialized skill. Two things that help: a gold collar/choker and a “fringe” style necklace. Trust me 🙋🏼‍♀️

#showmeyourgold #MIGM #mayisgoldmonth

We've just added Attos Antique & Estate Jewelry to our Jewelry Map! You can browse our favorite stores & designers by state and plan your own Jewelry Road Trip -- check out our Map >>

Something you can find at Queen May -- SNAKE JEWELRY! I'm wearing a slew of snakes, all available from Queen May Jewelry >>

Three gorgeous bangles from Queen May who has some exciting news to share: they are opening another location in July!

Read more here >>

It’s officially wedding season — Vale Jewelry offers a diverse array of alternative engagement rings that are just as unique as each bride 👰🏻👰🏼👰🏽👰🏾👰🏿👰🏼

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Chunky jewelry is making a comeback! Toss aside your dainty jewels and get ready to shop my picks! >>

Trying to figure out when I became so heart-obsessed... 🤷🏼‍♀️💙💜🖤

If you love the tiny blue topaz heart I’m wearing here, I have a couple for sale! The rest are personal collection.

Time to bust out your HOOPS & #showmeyourgold with May Is Gold Month 🔥
Show me your best karat gold hoops, how you wear them or ones you are coveting. Tag me & #showmeyourgold 😝🗯

💫 Hoops featured here are from my grandma & the Pac-Man looking ones are from Ellie Air Jewellery

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #hoopearrings

My stack I’ve been wearing practically all week! Bought the diamond elongated ring a few weeks ago from Rick Kleinvehn Diamond Brokers

Our Met Gala coverage from earlier this week -- we have TWO posts:

One about the jewelry >>

And one about the headpieces >>

Which one?!

Rings from Estate Diamond Jewelry
See our feature here

Playing with some new arrivals from Queen May — they are opening up another location this summer, which will offer TWO FLOORS of antique jewelry. Omg.

#showmeyourrings #ringsoftheday #antiquejewelry

One to Follow - Estate Diamond Jewelry - Gem Gossip - Jewelry Blog

Our One to Follow this month is Estate Diamond Jewelry

New week, new karat gold trend with May Is Gold Month
This week we are talking HOOPS ⛹🏼‍♀️
If there is one single piece of jewelry I can easily add to an outfit to make it more fun, it is a pair of hoops! Don’t you agree?!

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourgold

Photos from Gem Gossip's post

Our May Is Gold Month featured maker this week is Page Sargisson Jewelry
▪️She shares with me why she loves working with karat gold:
🗯 “Casting my pieces in gold is the best. I work in wax and often leave the file marks on my wax so you see the “hand of the artist” when you’re wearing my pieces. For 18KT gold rings, these file marks soften over time. I always tell couples whom I make wedding bands for that it’s sort of like a marriage in that it softens and smooths over time.”

#MIGM #mayisgoldmonth #showmeyourgold

We couldn't just talk about the jewels -- our favorite HEADPIECES are being discussed today on the blog thanks to a guest post by WhoWoreWhatDAILY

Photos from Gem Gossip's post

My TOP FIVE favorite #MetGala jewelry looks, up on the blog!

Top Five Favorite Met Gala Jewelry Looks of 2018 - Gem Gossip - Jewelry Blog

Met Gala jewels, details and my favorites, all in one blog!

Which were your favorites?!

I’ve stacked TWO Rebecca bands from Maejean Vintage here—mixing metals and stacking are what these handmade, vintage-inspired bands are all about! (And perfect Mother’s Day gift) 🎁

Loved seeing all the interpretations of last night’s MET Gala, the theme being Heavenly Bodies. My favorite look was Katherine Langford wearing Fred Leighton jewels — love the gold-dipped fingers!

Get some amazing discounts at Guess.